16791 DCT 2BR INSUduct® Pipe Protection Box

[16791 DCT 2BR]

16791 DCT 2BR INSUduct® Pipe Protection Box

Manufacturer's Part Number: DCT 2BR

The INSUduct™ Pipe Protection System which is designed to be fully compatible with the Groundbreaker™ System. With quick and easy, hassle-free Installation, it can take just a couple of hours to do a job that would otherwise take days. This makes it an ideal solution for safeguarding your pipes from all types of weather.

Not only is it easy to install, but it also complies with water regulations for frost protection and DETR guidelines, including water regulation guidelines G4.4 - .12. It can accommodate a single or dual pipe installation with a diameter of 25mm or 32mm MDPE and centre to centre pipe spacing of 105mm. Once installed you can easily renew your water services without having to dig up floors.

The insulated system can be vertically stacked at 840 mm increments. This flexibility allows you to extend it to multiple floors, eliminating the necessity of bringing water services in at each level. It offers an efficient and effective solution for protecting your installation.



  • Quick and simple installation

  • Fully compatible with Groundbreaker™

  • Compliant with frost protection water regulations and DETR guidelines

  • Exceeds Water Regulation guideline G4.4 – .12

  • Complies with BS5422 standards and within Water Regulation (4) including “extreme” weather conditions.

  • Can be used for any single or dual pipe installation

  • Accommodates two pipes up to 32 mm in diameter

  • Stackable vertically in 840 mm increments

  • Compliant with: ISG 9-02-02



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