Black Teknigas Powerseat Eco gas valve PE6685230V 2.5" BSP 230v


Black Teknigas Powerseat Eco  PE6685230V Electro-Hydraulic Gas Safety Shut-off Valve 2.5" BSP 230V (was  BC6685)

The Powerseat electro-hydraulic gas shut-off valve allows the control
and safety shut-off of low pressure combustible gases in pipes from
40mm to 250mm, whilst focusing on being energy efficient and
environmentally friendly. The Powerseat Eco shut-off valve is kept
open by a hydraulic pump where hydraulic fluid is forced into a cylinder
driving the valve open.

LED to display “ON” and “Manual Re-set Required” status
Increased environmental protection to IP56 equivalent
Manual re-set switch incorporated on all versions
IP67 equivalent rating option available (increased cost)
Screwless quick connections for installation of electrics
Volt free contacts for BMS connection

Around 768kg less carbon emissions than with a comparable magnetic solenoid valve*
Saves the equivalent carbon emissions of 3,758 miles in a car
Power consumption
Uses just 6% of the power that a comparable magnetic solenoid valve uses
Reduced electricity running costs: Uses just a fraction of the energy required
by permanently energized magnetic solenoid valves
Improved energy efficiency from previous Powerseat model,
reduced from 26 VA to 10 VA

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