EOGB: E80-1506 24VDC DKO992-BT231 Conversion Kit


X500 24v DC DKO992 to BT231 Conversion Kit Part number - E80-1506

Due to continued disruption to the supply chain of many different electrical parts, The EOGB/Honeywell DKO992 24v control box that is used on some of the low voltage burner range has now been made obsolete. 

As an intermediate solution, EOGB can offer a 24v control box solution that uses a Brahma Manufactured control box however as the control box dimensions and wiring differs from the DKO version it is not a direct replacement as other components are needed including different mounting brackets. 
-E32-200-102-111-00 X500 24v Brushed 87mm EOGB 
-E32-200-102-111-01 X500 24v Brushless 87mm EOGB 
-E32-200-102-111-02 X500 24v Brushless BFP21
-E32-200-102-111-03 X500 24v Brushless 100w
-E32-200-12-111-04 X500-24v Steam Car 
-E32-200-104-111-01 X500 24v Brushless 140mm 
-E32-200-106-111-01 X500 24v Brushless 207mm 
-E32-200-108-111-01 X500 24v Brushless 220mm 
-E32-201-102-111-00 X500 24v Prismo 
-E32-205-102-111-00 X500 24v Brushless 87mm RPT 
-E32-205-102-111-01 X500 24v Brushed 87mm RPT 
-E32-207-102-111-01 X500 24v Brushless Hofmann 
-E32-212-102-111-02 X500 24v Brushless JSJ
-E32-216-102-111-00 X500 24v Brushless MRL
-E32-217-102-111-00 X500 24v Waste Spectrum
-E32-218-102-111-01 X500 24v Brushless 100w Rexma
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