Kromschroder BCU 460-3/1W3GBD2

[BCU 460-3/1W3GBD2]

Kromschroder BCU 460-3/1W3GBD2 88610018

The BCU (burner control unit) 460 is for directly ignited burners of unlimited capacity (air valve control optional). The unit ignites and monitors gas burners for intermittent or continuous operation. As a result of its fully electronic design, it reacts quickly to various process requirements and is therefore suitable for frequent cycling operation.

It can be used for directly ignited industrial burners of unlimited capacity. The burners may be modulating or step-by-step controlled. The BCU is installed near the burner to be monitored.

On industrial furnaces, the BCU relieves the load on the furnace control by taking over tasks that only relate to the burner, for example it ensures that the burner always ignites in a safe condition after it has been restarted.


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