Sontay GS-PM-S PM2.5 sensor


Sontay GS-PM-S PM2.5 sensor

The GS-PM-S monitors the concentration of PM2.5 in the air via the continuous light emission of IR and LED. For ease of use and indication to building occupants there is a 6 colour LCD display showing the stages from green to red of worsening conditions.

The sensor also has combined monitoring for temperature and relative humidity for a simple all in one solution.

Using unique technology of compensating method, and up to nine calibration points, to guarantee GS-PM-S measurements accuracy in different environments.


Real time indoor PM2.5 via optical IR LED
Compensating automatic re-calibration
Humidity & temperature measurement
Backlit 6 level LCD to indicate PM2.5 concentration levels
Modbus RTU output

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