Wilo Stratos Para 25/1-8 Circulating water pump

[2138545 /18w20]

Wilo Stratos PARA 25/1-8 Pump 2138545 230v

 Glandless circulation pump with cast iron pump housing and threaded connection. EC-motor with automatic power adjustment and self-protecting modes. Operation by Red Knob technology and delivered with power cable.

For use with hot-water heating systems of all kinds, closed cooling circuits, industrial circulation systems, circulation in solar thermal and geothermal systems.

Special features/product benefits


  • Application in the medium temperature range of -10 °C to +95 °C (+110 °C) ambient temperature of +25 °C

  • Electronic performance control via external control signals 0-10V or PWM

  • Convenient setting of the pump via Red Button technology with operating mode p-c and p-v.

  • Standard delivery with cable for an easy electrical connection


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